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Our Principles of Care

Brunswick Care aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves. We provide our service in our clients own home, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable. We have developed a number of key principles which inform and direct us in the way we work, most importantly a belief that the rights and needs of our clients are paramount.


The following guiding principles inform and direct us in the delivery and management of our service:

To improve the overall quality of life for our clients

Our care and support services should provide a positive outcome for our service users

To ensure that we are fit for purpose

Examining, monitoring and continuously improving our services to meet the needs of our clients.

To maintain a holistic approach to individual care

Providing a package of care that takes into account the psychological, physical and spiritual needs of our clients, in conjunction with other professionals, family members and carers.

To meet assessed need

Delivering care which is underpinned by a thorough assessment of needs for each client, so that care and support is delivered in conjunction with this, as opposed to the needs and aspirations of others, including our own staff.

To preserve respect and dignity

Delivering and managing services in a way in which demonstrates a fundamental respect for each other.



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