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Home Care Services

Our services are designed to support people who have or are recovering from a physical illness, a disability, a mental health problem, organic impairment, an acquired brain injury, a learning disability or family related difficulties.

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 Our Services Include:

  • Home Care

  • Home Support 

  • Home Help

  • Extra Care Schemes

  • Training Services

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

  • Household Repairs and Gardening Services

  • Pet Care and Dog Walking

An Individual Assessment of your Needs...

In conjunction with each of our clients, we create and deliver an individually tailored programme of care and support which aims to address their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.

Each of our clients has a Care Manager who is responsible for overseeing their care and ensuring that an individually tailored care plan is created and delivered, in conjunction with the client.

Our team of healthcare professionals deliver a programme of care in our clients own home, or at their place of work or in the wider community.

Support for the Family...

Many of the families who contact us are unclear about the best way forward and may have different and sometimes opposing views about the best way to care for a family member.

It could be that some family members feel that they should provide the care themselves, whereas others feel that a care home or home based care are the best options.

There are often financial, practical and emotional issues to consider, where an external, objective perspective seems necessary.

Brunswick Care has trained Facilitators who are able to support and guide family members in making the best decisions about a family members care, whilst taking these factors into account. This usually consist of two structured meetings at our offices in Hove, or at a family members home, where a trained facilitator will help the family members to work collaboratively in creating a workable plan.

Help Around the Home...

Brunswick Care also provides a home repair and gardening service, ensuring that the professionals providing these servies are fully vetted, have adequate insurance cover in place and are sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities and ill health.

From working through a list of small household repairs, to carrying out larger building, electrical, plumbing, carpentry and building projects, our team are able to cope with a wide range of tasks and have been carefully selected for their professionalism, dedication and quality of work.


"I am so so delighted as they were first agency to provide exactly what we wanted. We feel lucky to have found an agency which is so good"

- Comments made to our CQC Inspector



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