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Why Choose Brunswick Care?

  • We see our clients as individuals

    We recognise our clients as unique individuals with unique needs and wants and work hard to understand these in order to provide a highly personalised and flexible service.

  • We are respectful

    We provide a discreet, conscientious and respectful service, acknowledging our clients dignity, self-respect and need for relative independence.

  • Our staff are trained, supported and valued

    We provide high quality and trained staff who are hand-picked and appointed through our comprehensive selection, induction and training programme. Unlike other organisations, we provide free training, uniforms and equipment and pay our staff for their travel time between clients. Rather than paying the national minimum wage to our staff we pay a "living wage" to our staff, to ensure that we attract and retain the best staff available. 

  • We don't take on more work than we can manage

    We provide a service that is small enough to care but large enough to cope. We are a small, locally based care agency offering bespoke care, rather than a large national "chain", "franchise" or "employment agency" working with a high volume of clients.

  •  Our staff can be trusted

    We operate a rigorous vetting scheme for healthcare staff, including full employment, identity, health authority and Police checks and we monitor them regularly through spot checks, ongoing training, structured support and annual performance reviews.

  •  We will effectively manage the care we provide

    Each client has an appointed "Care Manager" to oversee their care, who will create and co-ordinate their plan of care and ensure this puts the client at the centre of our work and makes best use of resources and provides value for money.

  • We value the role of the family

    We work closely with the family of the person we are providing care to, in order to ensure consistency, safety and the general well being of our client. Where consent has been given, we can provide family members with regular updates and progress reports and involve nominated individuals in our systematic care reviews.

  • We are always there

    We are always on time and provide 24 hour back-up and support and can respond to emergencies, concerns or issues as they arise.

Brunswick Care provides care and support in your own home or in the community, at times convenient to you and in ways you find most agreeable.

Whatever you need, we will tailor your care to suit your personal preferences and circumstances.


PLEASE CALL 01273 728 888